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Masses from the Renaissance:

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Jacob Obrecht- Missa Salve diva parens

Missa Salve diva parens

This is a revision of my edition in An Editorial Transnotation of the Manuscript Capella Sistina 51, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Città del Vaticano, Liber Missarum, The Institute of Mediaeval Music, Ottawa, Canada, 2005, pp. 107-201.

Source: VatS 51, ff. 196v-215r

Voices: 4- discantus, contratenor, tenor, bassus.

Kyrie (Kyrie [I], Christe, Kyrie [II]) look (9 pages) listen (04:08)

Gloria in excelsis deo (Et in terra, Domine deus agnus dei, Cum sancto) look (22 pages) listen (09:36)

Credo in unum deum (Patrem, Genitum, Et incarnatus est, Qui cum patre- bassus duo, Confiteor) look (27 pages) listen (12:04)

Sanctus (Sanctus, Pleni sunt- discantus/contratenor/bassus trio, Osanna [I], Benedictus, In nomine domini- discantus/contratenor duo, Osanna [II]) look (24 pages) listen (11:05)

Agnus dei (Agnus [I], Agnus [II]- discantus/contratenor/bassus trio, Agnus [III]) look (17 pages) listen (07:17)

Also available on Renaissance Masses 1450-1520

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