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Guillaume du Fay- Missa Ecce ancilla domini

Missa Ecce ancilla domini

Source: BrusBR 5557, ff. 50v-61r.

Voices: 4- discantus, contratenor, tenor, tenor = bassus.

Kyrie (Kyrie [I], Christe- discantus/contratenor/bassus trio, Kyrie [II]) look (16 pages) listen (06:11)

Gloria in excelsis deo (Et in terra, Qui tollis) look (17 pages) listen (05:55)

Credo in unum deum (Patrem, Et incarnatus est, Et in spiritum) look (27 pages) listen (10:06)

Sanctus (Sanctus, Pleni sunt- discantus/contratenor duo, Osanna [I], Benedictus- discantus/contratenor duo, Osanna [II]) look (16 pages) listen (06:54)

Agnus dei (Agnus [I], Agnus [II], Agnus [III]*) look (12 pages) listen (04:52)

* The Vatican source for this mass, VatS 14 (Cappella Sistina 14), transmits the Agnus [III] as vt supra (from the Agnus [I]), ff. 85v-86r with the directive vt supra on staves 7 (f. 85v) and 6 (f. 86r). As with the BR5557 transmission, it includes dona nobis pacem text in the Agnus [I]. The BR5557 "additional" Agnus [III], which is a repeat of the Osanna [II] music, has been included in this edition.

Folio information and variants: look (6 pages)

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