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Benedictus Appenzeller- Missa Hodie beata virgo maria

Missa Hodie beata virgo maria

Source: MontsM 765, ff. 40v-62r

Voices: 5- Kyrie [I]: discantus/contratenor/tenor [primus]/tenor [secundus] realised from tenor [primus] canon/bassus; Christe: discantus realised from contratenor [primus] canon/contratenor [primus]/contratenor [secundus]/tenor/bassus; Kyrie [II] and Gloria as for Kyrie [I]; Credo: discantus [primus]/discantus [secundus]/tenor [primus]/tenor [secundus]/bassus; Sanctus as for Christe; Agnus: 6 voices- discantus/contratenor [primus] realised from discantus canon/contratenor [secundus]/tenor [primus]/tenor [secundus]/bassus

Kyrie (Kyrie [I], Christe- due to art work being removed from f. 41r some music missing from contratenor [primus] and tenor; a partial reconstruction is indicated by notes in ( ), Kyrie [II]) look (11 pages) listen (04:13)

Gloria in excelsis deo (Et in terra, Qui tollis- canon written out, Cum sancto- canon written out) look (18 pages) listen (07:10)

Credo in unum deum (Patrem, Et incarnatus est, Crucifixus- discantus [primus]/discantus [secundus]/tenor trio, Et in spiritum) look (32 pages) listen (13:05)

change of modality and no cantus firmus

Sanctus (Sanctus, Pleni sunt- discantus [primus]/discantus [secundus]/tenor trio, Osanna [I]=[II], Benedictus with Sarum marie filius trope- discantus/contratenor/tenor bassus quartet) look (22 pages) listen (10:35)

Agnus dei (Agnus [I]) look (4 pages) listen (02:00)

Brief Commentary:

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