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Masses from the Renaissance:

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Anonymous- Missa Pour l'amour d'une

Missa Pour l'amour d'une

Source: VatSP B 80, Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, MS San Pietro B 80, ff. 154v-166r

Voices: 3- discantus, contratenor, tenor.

For a modern-day scholarship attribution to Faugues see: Christopher A. Reynolds, Papal Patronage and the Music of St, Peter's, 1380-1513, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1995, particularly pp. 172-186.

Kyrie (Kyrie [I], Christe, Kyrie) [II] look (8 pages) listen (03:52)

Gloria in excelsis deo (Et in terra, Qui tollis- discantus/contratenor duo, Qui sedes) look (17 pages) listen (08:47)

Credo in unum deum (Patrem, Crucifixus- discantus/contratenor duo, Confiteor) look (12 pages) listen (07:58)

Sanctus (Sanctus, Pleni sunt- discantus/contratenor duo, Osanna [I]=[II], Benedictus- discantus/contratenor duo) look (10 pages) listen (06:28)

Agnus dei (Agnus [I], Agnus [II]- discantus/contratenor duo) look (6 pages) listen (03:24)


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Folio Information and Variants: look (7 pages)

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